Vascular System and Viscera Chart

VASCULAR SYSTEM AND VISCERA CHART Shows system on body. Illustrates heart (right interior, left interior, and posterior views), heart in systole, female pelvis, base of the brain, and branches of abdominal aorta and portal vein. The Vascular System and Viscera is a classic chart with illustrations by Peter Bachin. Meticulously painted in 1947, this chart shows a complete view of the organs, veins and arteries that make up the vascular system. All illustrations are labeled. 4 small detailed illustrations show the right anterior, left anterior, and posterior view of the heart and a view of the heart in systole also shows: a detail of the veins and arteries of the female pelvis base of the brain branches of abdominal aorta and portal vein.Size is 20"W by 26"H. Choose either paper or laminated.

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