Trail Guide To The Body Flashcards Skeleton System Volume 1, 6th Edition

Be ready to ace your next exam! These beautifully illustrated and user-friendly flashcards come in a two-volume set and are an essential tool for testing your knowledge. Volume 1 (175 cards) covers the skeletal system, joints, and ligaments, as well as movements of the body. Features of these flashcards include: Beautiful, hand-drawn illustrations in a two-color format. Page references in the bottom corner for finding more information in Trail Guide to the Body. Call-out letters (a, b, c, d) next to each structure to help you identify the specific structure in question. Binder ring that lets you organize cards to study only those you need. Durable, coated cards (5 1/2″ x 4″) that are easy to handle and made to last.

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