G2 Start Up Package


Get started in style with our Start Up Package!  

 This package will give you the tools and give you an edge that will serve you well as you transition from student to professional!

Our Start Up Package Includes: 

  • G2 Portable Table (100% Canadian Made)Massage Essentials - Canada's largest retailer of massage and spa supplies
  • Adjustable Headrest for the table
  • Bag for the table
  • 2 Regular Sheet Sets (Flannel) - your choice of colors
  • Fleece Blanket (Teal, Navy or Burgundy)
  • Single Holster with 250mL pump bottle
  •  1ltr serene earth (lotion, oil or gel)
  • Sample pack of Serene Earth oils, lotions and gels
 Add your selection and color choice in the Notes section of your order form.

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