Plastic Vacuum Cupping Set 12 Piece


Plastic Vacuum Cupping Set - 12 Pieces


This plastic Vacuum Cupping set comes with a hand pump and tubing along with 12 lightweight, durable cups that are made of an age resistant plastic. This set is very convenient, safe and ideal for use in a home environment.  The hand pump and connection tube are well designed, the cups have an easy release air-locking valve, and the pistol grip hand pump is smooth to operate.

Lightweight and made from a polycarbonate plastic, this set includes the hand pump, connecting hose and 12 cups.

For professional use, we recommend the DongBang Vacuum Cupping set

Set Includes:

  • One pistol-grip hand pump
  • One rubber extension tube
  • Set of 12 Cups with removable, magnetic acupressure tips

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