Pure Jojoba Oil

We have wide selection of Jojoba Oils including Certified Organic Golden and Clear Jojoba Oil, and also Unrefined as well as Deodorized varieties to suit all your needs for Manufacturing Cosmetics and Skin Care & Hair Care Products. What makes Jojoba Oil so different is that it is actually a liquid wax rather than a true oil, and is extraordinarily similar in composition to skin’s natural sebum. Almost entirely comprised of wax esters and containing Vitamin E, Jojoba Oil is resistant to oxidation and can remain chemically stable for years compared to oils comprised of triglyceride fats, which oxidize and have a much shorter shelf life. Jojoba Oil is extremely heat stable and is being able to withstand temperatures up to 295 degrees Celsius, without affecting its composition. Its superb molecular stability and its ability to promote a healthy looking skin makes it a staple in the skin care industry.

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