Human Skull Standard Model, Mandible W/Removable Portion To View Roots Of Molars


The most famous of all our skeletons! It is cast from a selected natural bone skull with all fine anatomical details. Beyond this we paid attention to find a real bone skull as a prototype which comes up with some anatomical specialties. It also explains that nature holds up some diversities. For example the skull has an impacted third molar and a rare os interparietale between os occipitale and osparietale. The skull is unbreakable in normal use and dissectable into 4 parts. The skull comes with complete dentition of 31 individual and removable teeth with full roots. You may pull off teeth of maxillae and mandible for individual demonstration and place them back into the socket. A bony flap on one side of mandible can be opened to show nerve canal, bony structure, roots of teeth and an impacted third molar. You may take off the top of the skull to see the fully reproduced structures of the inner skull. All important nerve canals are opened. Not only two hooks, but also special clips made of flexible plastic or magnets hold the top of the skull and the base together.

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