Invisible Glove/Hand Protective Foam 200 ml

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      Hand Protective Foam forms a grease-free, invisible and waterproof protective film which prevents the most diverse types of contaminants from penetrating the skin and pores. This „invisible glove“ protects against contaminants and irritants from aggressive chemical substances. The usage of liposomes greatly improves the care effect.


  Processing Before starting to work, spray the foam onto the hands and rub it in, not omitting the finger tips and nail beds. Leave it on for 2 minutes until it forms a waterproof and invisible protective film free of grease. It prevents residues of lubricants and soiling of the most different kinds from penetrating skin and pores. After work, the dirt can be washed off very easily with warm water. Only in cases of heavy soiling, use additional cleaning agents. WEICON Hand Protective Foam has been dermatologically tested. Storage Pressurized container: protect from sunlight and do not expose to temperatures exceeding +50°C.


Technical Data Odour odourless Features with liposomes Storage stability 24 months Colour white ISSA-Code 53.402.16 IMPA-Code 450836


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