28” Ultra-Light Bel Air Portable Massage Table


Master Massage 28” Ultra-Light Bel Air™ LX Aluminum Portable Massage Table Package, Lily Green ColorTable Specifications Size: 28 x 72" (W x L) Height: 24" - 34" (adjustable) Weight: 30 lbs. (table only) Support Weight: 1,500 lbs. Foam: 2.25" Exclusive Multi-Layer Small Cell™ Foam (Higher Density than normal foam) Description: Exclusive NanoSkin™: Antimicrobial, Anti-Mold, and UV Protected Upholstery - the most abrasion resistant material ever! Weighs ONLY 30 pounds! – But Supports 1,500 pounds! Our 30” Bel Air™ Lightweight Portable Massage Table is ideal for students and busy massage professionals on the go! Its lovely Lily Green upholstery made of our 2.25” thick exclusive multi-layered Small Cell™ foam is sure to relax even the most tired client! Quickly and easily adjustable height will alleviate unnecessary tension on the therapist’s back. Easily opens and clasps shut in just a few easy steps. You will also receive a 6-way adjustable face cradle that provides maximum comfort for the client, a squared soft face cushion and a professional 2-pocket carrying case for your table – strong, lightweight and highly durable on your massage travels. Excellent, safe and long-term investment for a massage therapist fresh out of school or an established massage professional! Lifetime Limited Warranty

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