15Pcs Deluxe Marble Stone Set

White Marble Stone.

Marble is a naturally cool stone, which is ideal for both cool and freezing massages . They act as a powerful decongestant to help diffuse swelling in the circulatory system and to encourage blood flow away from a swollen area. They are excellent when working on inflammation and sports injuries. Cold stones can also be massaged around the delicate eye area to help relieve puffiness, dark circles and to improve skin tone or used on the sinus areas to relieve pain and congestion. They are also very effective after hot stone treatments to aid with the healing of tissues, and to arouse the client after an intense massage treatment.

Product Description

  • The 15 piece Deluxe Marble Set are ideally used on the head, neck and chest areas, to refresh, revitalize the mind and spirit before the end of the hot & warm stone massage session.
  • They are ideally used at room temperature as they feel slightly cooler than body temperature, so no additional cooling treatment is needed.
  • White marble is popularly used for facial, neck and palm massage.
  • They are particularly good at reducing puffiness around the eye area.
  • It is advisable that these stones are not used on the bodies joints as they can encourage rheumatism.
  • The Flat Ovular Shape is the most popular choice of stones used by therapists.
  • The round, elongated shape fits perfectly in the palm of a therapist's hand, ensuring the stone is used efficiently.
  • The rounded, narrower edges can also be used to pressurize and knead particularly tense muscles and areas during treatments.


  • 3 Large ovular white marble stones (2 for the thigh, 1 for the chest)
  • 6 Medium ovular white marble stones (2 for calf, 2 for hand, 2 for neck)
  • 6 Small ovular white marble stones (2 for forehead and temple, 2 for face, 2 for head-crown)
  • 1 blue velvet drawstring bag

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