About US

My journey to open G2 Massage Supplies Depot started over 20 years ago.  After completing my studies in hotel management, I entered the hospitality industry, where I worked as both an entrepreneur and a manager.  And these career experiences shaped my business philosophy – helping me develop a strong customer service expertise and a deeper understanding of the customer’s needs.

 Nutan Samrao

A few years ago, I decided to make a move from the hospitality industry to the massage therapy industry.  This move was a natural transition for me, since I’ve always had interests in natural and alternative health practices.  Especially, since I was raised in a family with a long line of Ayurvedic practitioners, and grew up in a culture that places a great importance on natural products and therapies.


Working in the massage therapy industry, I was able to work one-on-one with a diverse group of massage therapists.  Building relationships with our customers was a valuable experience – where I gained a deeper insight into the types of massage therapy products on the market and the types of obstacles that our customers face in their businesses.


I started G2 Massage  Supplies Depot with a vision to create a company that provides a “stress free” experience for our customers.


I know how dedicated massage therapists are in improving and optimizing the health of their clients.  And I wanted to create a friendly environment, where you can be assured that we understand your business concerns, and your need to acquire products and supplies that are ideal for your business.


We offer a broad range of massage therapy supplies from a variety of manufacturers, and are committed to supporting Canadian companies that build products, such as Canadian made electric and portable massage tables.


My passion for this industry, also led me to develop our own natural Serene Earth line and Essential oils, pure oil, gels, lotions and creams.  In the creation of our line, we were fortunate to work with a Canadian massage therapist, who provided valuable expertise in the formulation of our branded products.


With the addition of our “Serene Earth” products, we have streamlined the supply ordering process, giving you the choice to order all your massage therapy supplies under one roof.


I’ve been dedicated and enthusiastic in creating my vision.  As with many businesses, I’ve faced many obstacles along the way, however with the strong support of my family and friends, I’ve been able to achieve my professional goals and create an innovative business.  And my mission is to do the same for others, specifically helping and supporting massage therapists in achieving success in their own businesses.